I will guide you finding your voice and setting it free using vocal training, Mindfulness, Nada Yoga practices and more.

Do you want to communicate more clearly with your loved ones, at work, in every area of your life? Are you looking for deeper, meaningful connection? The life you deserve starts with finding your voice and speaking your truth. I will teach you nothing because you are your ultimate teacher and I will help you reclaim that power. Because deep down you already know your truth.

Talking about it


“Alessandra is a kind, compassionate, patient and obviously very experienced vocal coach. Within our hour Voicefulness session she thoroughly explained how my voice, breath, and body work together to move energy blocks. She lead me through simple and effective techniques to open my voice, calm my nervous system, and release stuck emotions I didn’t even know where there. As someone who struggles to feel confident in my singing voice, and was never trained how to properly use it, I was excited to work with Alessandra and feel what was possible for me. .
By the end of the session I had tears in my eyes and felt how deep her work goes. She was able to help me tap into unprocessed pain around my voice, which is something I’ve been wanting to clear and work on for years. I know with time and practice I will see some huge shifts with Alessandra’s guidance. She gave me a practice to work on for homework and a recording of our session to review whenever I want. I’m beyond grateful for our time together and look forward to diving deeper consistently with her coaching.
If you are looking for a powerful and effective coach to help you discover your true voice on every level, look no further.”

Amber Sears, Austin, USA

“The work we did together was fundamental for the moment I was living. You showed me how to get in touch with my breathing and made me understand how much the breath conditions our body, our emotional state. Since I started to work with you I felt several changes both in the perception of my body and my voice… Experimenting the sound of the voice through vowels and humming was very powerful… Starting to perceive the vibration and the quality of my own sound was an important revelation of who I am.⁣
This is a training that I strongly recommend for those who want to experiment to broaden one’s physical and emotional perception, to learn to listen to oneself, since today listening to oneself, despite being the basis of personal growth, is taught by few.”⁣

Eleonora, Udine, Italy

“Voicefulness is more than a method, it is 360° of music and a way to find ourselves coming together with with the aim of making sound the most beautiful instrument ever: ourselves.

It strengthens the character and makes one become more self-confident, breaks down barriers; at a certain point when our voices merged it felt like there was one giant wave expanding beyond one’s body!

I could write so much about this experience but if you are curious you have to try! I was skeptical at first but I had to change my mind! Also, Alessandra is a great professional who gives all of herself!”

Giulio, Comunità di San Patrignano, Italy

“If in first grade, being very shy, they make you just begin to practice a Christmas song that you don’t know yet and the teacher stops you immediately telling you: “Enough, enough! You’re so out of tune!”, you will carry it with you forever. You’ll never have the courage to use your voice, even if you like singing a lot, because you’re convinced you’re out of tune. Well, everything can be changed in life and at certain times, on our way, as if by chance, people come to meet us to make this happen. But we know that the case does not exist. For circumstances completely unrelated to singing, I met Alessandra who later on told me about Voicefulness. I have not thought twice about it and now I am here working with her, and the joy of singing songs in front of others, without emotional blockages and with awareness, is immense.
So my grade can be nothing but an A+… ”

Simone, Pesaro, Italy


The world needs your unique voice. It’s time to let it out!

I see you in all your limitless potential and I don’t want another single soul to feel like they can’t shine! You are more than enough, despite your story, what you have been told, your belief system, your background, your family… you are your own person and I am here to remind you that your voice is wonderful and you can gift the world with it letting be heard! You don’t need to have any singing background, because here we’re focusing on nothing but finding something that’s already in you.

We need to remove layers of judgement, shame, and all the dust that’s covering your beautiful sound, which is unique and precious.

Our voice is probably one of the most vulnerable parts of ourselves: it tells a lot about our story, our emotional state and personality. It’s the physical spot where our internal world converges to the external one, initiating interactions with others, wether significant ones, coworkers, strangers…

For some people singing in front of others can be terrifying because when we let our true voice out we feel more naked than when we’re actually naked!

Our most vulnerable aspects are also the ones where our greatest power lies.

That’s why it hurts when we’re told to shut up, or that we’re tone deaf, or laughed at for just expressing ourselves. I have been there, and so have many of my clients! But not only have I ended up being a professional singer for over 15 years now and winning a scholarship for the most prestigious music college in the world, I have seen so many of my clients transforming from the “ugly duckling” they were told to be to the beautiful, powerful swan they had always been!

Today I want to share with you some simple yet extremely effective techniques I learned during the years to help you connect mind, body and heart using your own sound and having a clearer communication within yourself and with others.

You have a lot to give to the world, and you can do it by finding and using your own voice, which is unique, precious and will never be replicated!

Hey there!

My name is Alessandra Bosco and I have spent the last 20 years studying,

practicing and working with my and other people’s voice.

I went from severe anxiety and fear of living to moving on the other side of the world

to attend Berklee College of Music, after winning a scholarship at Umbria Jazz Festival.

I have been a professional singer for the last 15 years and my research brought me from

graduating in sociology and specialising in different forms of sacred singing and using

my own voice as a tool to connect mind, body and heart.

I know very well the depths of self-doubt and I am here

to offer you the guidance I wish I had when I was younger.

Find Your Voice will teach you…

. Breathing techniques and how we’re actually supposed to breathe (your body already knows that)

. How your voice works

. Simple vocal warm up routines you can practice everyday

. How to execute the Om mantra according to the most ancient Nada Yoga tradition

. Vocal training to help your voice expand

. Introduction to authentic communication

. Vocal tract physiology and function

In this program you will get…

. 6 video trainings you can practice along with

. 6 e-mails with all your action steps you need to follow

. 1 new video per week

. 1 check in e-mail per week to keep you on track

. Forever access to your program

. My constant support throughout the whole journey



♥  You want to work and play with a world class professional who is here to support you.

♥ You are eager to communicate with more ease, joy, freedom and confidence in all areas of your life.

♥ You are ready to see major shifts in how you perceive your voice.

♥ You’re ready to do the work.

♥ You are willing to feel vulnerable, authentic, real.

♥ You are ready for taking radical self-responsibility for your feelings and with that take back your personal power.

♥ You are open to learn and trust new strategies and more than willing to include them in your daily routine to see long-term results and growth.

♥ You have a grateful heart and open mind.


◊ You are not going to be committed and do the work.

◊ You don’t want to create deeper and more meaningful connection with others.

◊ You don’t desire to experience growth and change.

◊ You’re not willing to take self-responsibility and your power back.

◊ You are not willing to feel vulnerable, authentic, real.

◊ You are ready for taking radical self-responsibility for your feelings and with that take back your personal power.

◊ You think you don’t need new teachings.