Welcome to my world!

Vocal artist, vocal mentor, human being.
I am here to help you find your voice and free yourself!

Hi ! My name is Alessandra, I am a vocal coach, vocal artist, vocal and communication expert… yes, I just love voice and what you can do with it!

I live in the beautiful land of Italy, doing back and forth between the astonishing wild nature of Le Marche and the sophisticated city of Milan.

Finding my voice is a never ending journey and there have been moments in my life where it felt more like an impossible dream.

After graduating in Communication sciences in Italy, I moved to Berklee College of Music in Boston, following a scholarship won at one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world.

As I was supposed to be living my dream, after one year and a half I started feeling very sad, empty, and also guilty for the ungratefulness I was experiencing; after all, I had an amazing opportunity and I wasn’t happy. There had to be something wrong with me!

As I was in a feeling of constant depression and sadness, the terrorist attack in Boston during the marathon happened very close to my then college and home, was the final straw; I then decided to move back to Italy, where at first things got even worse because I couldn’t find a professional environment to keep growing as a musician.

I felt totally lost and lonely. Singing had lost its beauty to me and it seemed to be all about other’s expectations to be fulfilled. There was nothing fresh, spontaneous or authentic in it anymore.

This was where my interested for sacred chants began and a whole new approach to singing came: up to that moment, despite my jazz career, I hated to improvise! It felt very awkward and like I was trying too hard to be somebody else. In fact, that’s exactly what it was.

I loved singing, but I couldn’t stand many aspects related to it in a professional environment such as competition, jealousy, showing off and so on…

After a lot of research, and being born and raised in the land of “Bel canto”, I went deep into the origin of singing, which was nothing less than a spiritual practice, a way to connect the Earth and the Sky and channel messages from above.

I studied Gregorian chants, Tibetan and Hebrew mantras, but also lullabies and chants both from Western and Eastern traditions… and improvising came in a totally different light to me. I started doing radical improvisation performances, which means I went on stage having no idea about what I would have sang. Not even the slightest reference, sometimes no other instruments than my voice, absolutely nothing.

In those moments of truth, I had only one choice: to stay open, collected, receive and deliver whatever would come. And so I did.

I felt free, grounded, somehow whole. Mind, body and emotions were all there at the same moment, and it was the best meditation practice to me.

The common thread I found in the vast majority of my life and work experiences can be summed up in a few words: supporting and serving others on their journey.

All at once I figured out that performing, coaching, producing workshops, all of that had always had this priority.

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