Find Your Voice

In this one-month package we’ll focus on vocal technique in order to understand how our voice works and what we can do with it! Whether you haven’t ever sang before or you’re a professional singer/actor/speaker…

This program is for you if:

. You are curious about your voice

. You haven’t ever sang before

. You are a voice professional, but you’re looking for a more aware and conscious approach

. You want to learn the basics of vocal technique (breathing, posture, breath support, vocal warm ups, etc)

. You want to feel comfortable and confident singing what you like

. You want to befriend your voice

. You feel that your voice has something important to tell you about yourself

. You want to express what you feel, both singing and speaking

This program includes:

. Welcome kit resources

. 2 private coaching sessions via Zoom

. 1 e-mail check-up per week

. Video & audio recording for each session

. Unlimited access to personalised exercise program