Find Your Voice

Life can change in 3 months. And YOU can do that!

After we plant the seed, we are going to water it everyday for 3 months straight.
My job is to give you tools and the necessary support to feel all your feels, walk through them and discover who you are beyond your story. Your voice is such a powerful ally in that and you will be given exercises coming from the ancient wisdom of the Nada Yoga and shamanic tradition as well as vocal and breathing techniques to help you feel WAY more confident in speaking your truth. We will follow your natural pace to make sure the process is gentle, lasting and integrative. Are you ready to become more and more yourself?

In this three months package we’ll explore vocal technique, mindfulness practices and Nada Yoga (yoga of sound). These three powerful instruments are designed to help you reclaim you power, which is express through your voice, be more aware of what’s going on inside of your heart and be 100% present here and now. You will also learn helpful tools you can practice daily, vocal rescue remedies and emotional release techniques, all with your own voice.

This program is for you if:

. You don’t like listening to your recoded voice

. You don’t even recognise you recorded voice!

. You feel you have a hard times expressing your feelings, even to your dear ones

. You want to be present in the moment

. You want to align mind, body and heart

. You know there’s something in your voice you need to discover

. You want to sing your emotions

. You want to learn meditation tools you can use in any moment of your day

. You feel the need to be grounded

. You need some intense self-care time

. You want to find YOUR voice

This program includes:

. Welcome Kit resources

. Voicefulness Audio Meditation

. Access to Alessandra via e-mail or text Mon-Fri for additional support

. 6 90 min 1:1 sessions via Zoom

. 12 check-in email (1 per week)

. Video & Audio copies of your sessions

. Personalised exercise program