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Voicefulness® is a coaching method that has already helped more than 200 people transform their lives, becoming who they always knew they were.
Created by Alessandra Bosco, Voicefulness combines over 20 years of studies and practices in Singing, Coaching, Spiritual Research, Psychology, Meditation and more focused on the use of the Voice as a means of transformation and evolution.
We give you practical tools from ancient wisdom to live YOUR life every day, not someone else’s, in every area.
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Elena managed to assert herself in her professional role by speaking firmly and exposing her thoughts in front of many people.

Enrica is a fundraising consultant for some of the largest non-profits in the world. This is what the Voicefulness path was for her.

Michele has been dealing with communication, coaching and training in the largest Italian companies for over 20 years. Here is his experience with Voicefulness.

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Who is Alessandra?

Alessandra Bosco is an international singer, mentor and careful observer of the external and internal world. Graduated with honors in Communication Sciences at the University of Urbino, in 2012 she moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, following a scholarship won at the Umbria Jazz Festival. At Berklee she approaches Music Therapy, studying with professionals of the World Federation of Music Therapy and subsequently attending courses in harmonic singing, Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) and Bioenergetics with trainers such as Lorenzo Pierobon, Riccardo Misto and Emanuele Mocarelli.

She has held courses for the Master in Multichannel Marketing at the Polytechnic of Turin, Community of San Patrignano, Copper Beech Mindfulness Institute (USA), University of Padua. She is an expert in Artistic Vocology graduated from the University of Bologna under the guidance of Dr. Franco Fussi and Dr. Silvia Magnani.

“Discovering Alessandra’s voice was a very special moment for me; she is a singer with a unique voice and a rare way of expressing emotions and beauty ”.

Nitzan Kremer, artistic director of the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival