Our voice is the most intimate part of ourselves that we offer daily to the world and to the reality that surrounds us; it reveals a great deal about our history, our emotions, our personality.

Individual Voicefulness sessions are part of a tailor-made journey, where you can (re)discover a new way of approaching and processing your emotions through your voice.

Through singing, breathing, Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) and communication techniques, you inner voice meets and liberates the physical one, allowing you not only to connect body, mind and emotions but also to communicate with more authenticity and clarity.

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Find Your Voice

In this three months package we’ll explore vocal technique, mindfulness practices and Nada Yoga (yoga of sound)…

Be Your Voice

This six-month intensive package is designed to take your life to the next level combining vocal technique, nada yoga, meditation and life coaching…

“It’s a life-changing experience. For those seeking a new relationship with themselves and with others the experience is very useful and transformation will happen without even realizing it.”


One-to-one coaching client

“It is an experience that touches the depth of the soul and makes the body feel good! I have tried it and I assure you that it is worth it.”


The Circle workshop client

“A complete and well-constructed learning path, alongside a teacher, Alessandra, exceptional both on the technical and on the human side!”


One-to-one coaching client

Frequently Asked Questions

Voicefulness is for you if you if you’re eager to find your own voice and set yourself free in expressing what you feel and shining your light. We all have programming and are taught to play small, shrink ourselves and be quiet, women especially. Voicefulness is for you if you’re looking for new techniques and tool to help you connect your mind, heart and body in order to feel aligned in your communication within yourself and with others, from intimate partners to co-workers and everyone in between. Finding your voice means reclaiming you own power and give yourself permission to be YOU in all your uniqueness and splendor!

Voicefulness is NOT for you if you don’t want to fully commit, if you want to keep living on other people’s terms and if you are ok with not expressing your authentic voice, gifts and talents.

Both! On this page you can see the one-to-one packages. Go visit “workshops” to see the group work options and eventually pre-register.

Online! We can connect from wherever you are in the world. I am also available for on the ground sessions in Pesaro and Milan, Italy,

Absolutely! You do NOT need to know anything about your voice in order to do Voicefulness. I am here to guide you discover it and its own unique beauty and possibilities.

If you want to go deeper in discovering how your voice can be used to explore and release your emotions, be a meditation toll and lead you to reclaiming you power, Voicefulness is for you!