What does “meditation” mean?

"Meditation” has a double etymological origin, Latin and Greek, with two very specific meanings: to cure (from which “to medicate, medicine”) and to think (from which “mind”). .⁣ While my work as a Voicefulness coach is based on the pre-verbal, which is the sound before being linguistically organized in the form of words, I [...]

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Mantra: a small introduction

Mantra: "instrument of thought" (from the Sanskrit verb "man", "think" and the suffix "tra" "that acts"). If we think that the Greeks called the soul "psyché" (literally "breath", from which psychology) and Aristotle described it as the purest part of the human intellect, and in Jewish mysticism it is called Ruah, the breath of [...]

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What does “meditating” mean to you?

What does it mean for you to meditate? ⁣ .⁣ For me it means being present at what I'm doing; not to what "is happening", but to how I respond to external circumstances. It means being so present with your mind, heart and body that you do not feel at the mercy of situations [...]

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5th Chakra: the power of our voice

Name: Visuddha (Purification) . Location: Throat, pharyngeal plexus . Purpose: Communication, creativity. Element: Sound Fundamental rights: Say and listen to the truth. (Anodea Judith - The book of chakras) . Every culture has its systems and definitions to describe, after all, the same things. Today we talk about chakras, the energy centers located near [...]

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