Always give credit to your feelings…

You don’t need someone else’s validation for how you feel. . I have been that person. The one that panicked by seeing disappointment in other people’s eyes after telling them how I felt and immediately trying to take my words back. . I have a client who tends to do the same: after our [...]

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What our voice brings up…

Thank you Amber Sears for sharing your experience with Voicefulness. This is the reason why I do my job. 🦋 What does an online Voicefulness session feel like? "Alessandra is a kind, compassionate, patient and obviously very experienced vocal coach. Within our hour Voicefulness session she thoroughly explained how my voice, breath, and body work [...]

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Give yourself permission to be naive…

I want to feel free to be naive. I want to have the trust of a child, to be spontaneous without worrying to "prove" anything to anybody. . We spend a lifetime building walls hoping that someone will tear them down with their unconditional love. . If you're a human, you know what I'm [...]

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Voice and Sexuality

Here it is. <3 2nd and 5th Chakra are closely connected, both in men and women. That's our most sacred space, where creativity (wether in form of voice/sound or a new life) generates. Our (from Europe) Rudolf Steiner talks about it as well. Through vocal practices I work a lot on this delicate yet powerful [...]

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NO! The most powerful mantra

🔥I began to love myself when I learned to say NO.⁣ .⁣ Saying no is not that easy. We are taught (women especially) to please the person in front of us, to make us smaller, not to annoy and above all not to question the statements and actions of our interlocutor. .⁣ As if [...]

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Meditation IS action!

Meditate on the go? Absolutely! You don’t necessarily have to stand still or in silence to meditate... of course, that’s an important part of the practice, but in my experience the WOW moments happen while you are moving that body!⁣ .⁣ It's similar to when you learn to sing: often times you will be [...]

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