Making space for growth: can vocal coaching help?

🌷WHO IS THIS WOMAN? ⁠ ⁠The moment we think we know others (including ourselves), that relationship is over. ⁠ .⁠ Our identity (which is just a small part of who we are) can easily become a mask we wear everyday, the character we get used to play. ⁠ .⁠ What others EXPECT from us. What [...]

Making space for growth: can vocal coaching help?2024-02-07T14:44:57+00:00

The Power in Your Voice

Please don't face your problems. Don't act from awareness, just react to external events. Let yourself be lived by the conventions and conditions in which you found yourself, by your family patterns, by what you have been told is possible and surely let go of what they told you was impossible. Give up before [...]

The Power in Your Voice2024-02-07T14:47:47+00:00
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