Be Your Voice

Our most complete and long-term transformational program. If within the other two programs we have planted the seed and watered it, now we are supporting and improving the plant’s growth to make sure it grows into a beautiful, strong and gentle tree.
We will use grounding technique as well as coaching to make sure you have structure in which your life force (aka creative power) can flow with ease. We will work on making and honouring boundaries, honour your space, create a daily routine to make sure you stay on track and the vulnerability to allow all the days off you need (remember… it’s all about integration! There’s no right or wrong and we’re all human)
In these 6 months you will discover your voice, use it to heal and nurture yourself, include these practices in your daily routine and have a frame to break down and follow your goals and dreams in a flow state.

This six-month package is designed to take your life to the next level combining vocal technique, Nada Yoga, meditation and Coaching tools. We’ll go deep into the discovery of how unleashing your vocal power can lead you to ultimate freedom within yourself and gain clarity in communicating externally!

This program is for you if:

. You feel embarrassed speaking in public

. You feel you have a hard times expressing your feelings, even to your dear ones

. You’re looking for a profoundly rooted and conscious confidence

. You need clarity in your heart and life

. You want to communicate more authentically rather than “effectively”

. You are someone, in private or at work, who wants to lead others by their heart

This program contains:

. Welcome Kit resources

. 21 60 min 1:1 sessions via Zoom

. 24 check-in email (1 per week)

. Access to Alessandra in between sessions for additional support via email

. Customised Morning + Evening routine for High Performance

. Customised self-care practices

. Customised day-planning frame based on your Natural Rhythm

. Video & Audio copies of your sessions

. Personalised exercise program