Thank you Amber Sears for sharing your experience with Voicefulness.

This is the reason why I do my job. 🦋
What does an online Voicefulness session feel like?

“Alessandra is a kind, compassionate, patient and obviously very experienced vocal coach. Within our hour Voicefulness session she thoroughly explained how my voice, breath, and body work together to move energy blocks. She lead me through simple and effective techniques to open my voice, calm my nervous system, and release stuck emotions I didn’t even know where there. As someone who struggles to feel confident in my singing voice, and was never trained how to properly use it, I was excited to work with Alessandra and feel what was possible for me. .
By the end of the session I had tears in my eyes and felt how deep her work goes. She was able to help me tap into unprocessed pain around my voice, which is something I’ve been wanting to clear and work on for years. I know with time and practice I will see some huge shifts with Alessandra’s guidance. She gave me a practice to work on for homework and a recording of our session to review whenever I want. I’m beyond grateful for our time together and look forward to diving deeper consistently with her coaching.

If you are looking for a powerful and effective coach to help you discover your true voice on every level, look no further.” Amber Sears
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