Remember how amazing you are. And precious. And unique.⁠
Not better or worse, not higher or lower: unique. No one will ever be like you.
You are powerful. Are you alive. You are sensual. You are strong. You are welcoming. You are innocent. You’re a queen. ”

Remember this every time you see beauty in others, in flowers, in the plant to which you give water every morning.⁠
Remember this when you are tired but you’re still there for someone you love.
Remember this when you look at yourself in the mirror, when you take the time you deserve to celebrate your body, your passions, whatever makes you feel alive and nurtures your soul.

Remember this when you look at the one you love.⁠
Remember this when you feel ugly, when you feel small, when someone who has forgotten their beauty tries to make you forget it too.
And remember that when you are in a place, a home, a relationship where you have stopped remembering how beautiful you are, it’s necessary for you to leave.
Do it immediately, don’t waste your energy, hoping that things will change, because those who do not love themselves and have no intention of learning to do so will be able to extinguish even the brightest light, for they nourish it like a blood-sucking vampire.⁠

Unfortunately, I know too well what I am talking about since I have been this close to see that light fade away for good.
Remember your power. You will realize that it has always been there, but you did not give yourself permission to be so great. ⁠⠀

Give yourself permission to exist in all your splendor. Thus, you will also give it to those close to you.⁠ ⠀

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