Please don’t face your problems.

Don’t act from awareness, just react to external events. Let yourself be lived by the conventions and conditions in which you found yourself, by your family patterns, by what you have been told is possible and surely let go of what they told you was impossible.

Give up before you even start, talk without saying anything, just to make noise and suffocate the voice of your heart.
Live the life that others expect from you. Always meet the expectations of others, please.
Never make a decision and blame someone else for your unhappiness.

And above all: DO NOT CHANGE. EVER.
Because if you change, if you rebel, if you start listening to your heart, if you realize that you have the power to change your life, change your family history, to create the reality you want, you won’t be able to go back.
You will have no more excuses to hide behind. You will not be able to let life pass by waiting for some tragic event, some disease to give you permission to “go crazy”.

You will be solely responsible for your existence.
You will be a whole human being, in full bloom, ready to fully experience one’s unrepeatable gifts.
And all those around you who haven’t given themselves permission to do so, those who keep waiting on someone else’s authorisation will hate you, because they will see in you the courage that they continue to push away every night. You will be alone.

And you want to please others, everyone, because you have no value if it is not attributed to you by someone else. The important thing is that that someone is not you. Otherwise you would be free. And I would have no power over you.

This is what my anxiety told me for years. I still hear it today, but my voice is always
stronger, to the point that the embraces it, contains it, transforms it into propelling energy.