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Voicefulness is a coaching method that mixes singing, Nada Yoga and Mindfulness.
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Meet Alessandra

Alessandra Bosco is an experimental singer, performance artist, musician, mentor and careful observer of the external and internal world. Graduated with honors in Communication Sciences at the University of Urbino, in 2012 she moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, following a scholarship won at Umbria Jazz Festival. At Berklee she approaches Music Therapy, studying with professionals of the World Federation of Music Therapy and attending afterwards harmonic singing courses, Nada Yoga (sound Yoga) and Bioenergetics with trainers such as Lorenzo Pierobon, Riccardo Misto and Emanuele Mocarelli.

She has held courses for the Master in multichannel marketing at the Polytechnic of Turin (Biella branch) and at the rehab community of San Patrignano during the preparation of the theatrical piece “Francesco Povero” which debuted at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, in programme for EXPO 2015. She’s an expert in Artistic Vocology graduated at University of Bologna under the guidance of Dr. Franco Fussi and Dr. Silvia Magnani. She has shared the stage with artists such as Mike Stern, Joey Blake (of the Voicestra of Bobby McFerrin), Stefano Bollani and others.

“Discovering Alessandra’s voice was a very special moment for me; she is a singer with a unique voice and a rare way of expressing emotions and beauty”.
Nitzan Kremer, artistic director Tel Aviv Jazz Festival



“The work we did together was fundamental for the moment I was living. You showed me how to get in touch with my breathing and made me understand how much the breath conditions our body, our emotional state.

Since I started to work with you I felt several changes both in the perception of my body and my voice…

Experimenting the sound of the voice through vowels and humming was very powerful… Starting to perceive the vibration and the quality of my own sound was an important revelation of who I am.⁣

This is a training that I strongly recommend for those who want to experiment to broaden one’s physical and emotional perception, to learn to listen to oneself, since today listening to oneself, despite being the basis of personal growth, is taught by few.”⁣


“Voicefulness is more than a method, it is 360° of music and a way to find ourselves coming together with with the aim of making sound the most beautiful instrument ever: ourselves.

It strengthens the character and makes one become more self-confident, breaks down barriers; at a certain point when our voices merged it felt like there was one giant wave expanding beyond one’s body!

I could write so much about this experience but if you are curious you have to try! I was skeptical at first but I had to change my mind! Also, Alessandra is a great professional who gives all of herself!”⁣